Welcomes Eid, Electronic City in Cooperation With the Garda Oto Holds Holiday Program – Safe Homecoming

Jakarta, July 13, 2014 – PT Electronic City Indonesia, Tbk (stock code: ECII) in cooperation with PT Asuransi Astra Buana (Astra Insurance) today launched Vacation – Safe Homecoming Joint Electronic City and Garda Oto, a program organized to celebrate the Lebaran holidays and 2014. program runs from 8 July to 31 August 2014 aims to provide comfort and security for customers Electronic City is going on vacation or going home to his hometown with free protection ERA Guard Alert service – 24-hour Emergency Roadside Assistant on the Garda Oto.

“The holidays and the exodus is an annual event of family fun, as a manifestation of our support for customers, this time in collaboration with Electronic City Auto Guard held a holiday program – Safe Homecoming special for four-wheeled vehicles. With only transact in Electronic City at least Rp 1.000.000, – (does not apply multiples) direct customers get free services Guard Standby ERA twice usage, up to twice this frequency can be enjoyed by the customer during return trip. “Said Fery Wiraatmadja, Commercial and Investor Relations Director of Electronic City.

Garda Oto, an insurance product from Astra Insurance, ensuring customers Electronic City while driving will get quieter with added value in the form of a special Garda Oto emergency road service and towing service for 24 hours by a fleet Guard Alert ERA without spending more. Guard Alert Service ERA valid until August 31, 2014. “Through the Holidays – Safe Homecoming Joint Electronic City and Garda Oto, we hope to help provide a solution to improve driving safety, especially in the exodus,” added Hendry Yoga, Chief of Distribution Astra Insurance Officer.

The program of cooperation with the insurance company is the first conducted by the Electronic City. Fery added that the prime program, current customers and Electronic City Electronic City outlet stores in the Greater Jakarta area alone who could benefit from this program, but the ERA Guard Alert service area includes 24 hours of Sumatra, Java, Bali, Kalimantan and Sulawesi. “With the vision and mission that puts the focus on customer service then this program is very appropriate. Hope in the future, hopefully a similar program could be developed in the future so that all customers Electronic City in 63 cities in Indonesia could join the program. “Fery closed.

About Electronic City
PT Electronic City Indonesia, Tbk. (stock code: ECII), is a pioneer of modern electronic retail in Indonesia that was founded in 2001. Currently ECII already operates 63 stores spread across various regions in Indonesia such as Jabodetabek, Bali, Medan, Lampung, Serang, Cilegon, Solo, Purwakarta , Jatinangor, Cimahi, Cianjur, Balikpapan, Pontianak, Pekalongan, Batam, Kendari, Ponorogo, Yogyakarta and Magelang. Electronic City provides a variety of products are available in four main categories include Audio-Video, Home appliance, Mobile devices & gadgets, as well as IT and office equipment.

As an added value, Electronic City also provide facilities services to consumers in the form of interest-free installment or interest lightweight, 14-day replacement warranty damaged goods (except Batam area), free of fire disaster insurance, disaster insurance free storm and lightning, flood free insurance, free delivery, free installation, service trade-ins, after-sales service is guaranteed, as well as a variety of payment options and consumer financing (terms & conditions apply). Electronic City has recently launched a campaign ” Bagus Sekali!” By using the International Brand Ambassador actress Oscar winner Charlize Theron.
Website: www.electronic-city.com
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Twitter: @ electronic_city

About Astra Insurance
Astra Insurance has been present serving customers for more than half a century, precisely since 12 September 1956. Companies known as motor vehicle insurance product is present Auto Guard serves customers through a network of services spread across 28 branches, 18 service units and 12 Guard Center. In addition to auto insurance, another product from Astra Insurance is the insurance industry of mining, agribusiness insurance, shop insurance, insurance, gas stations, Islamic insurance, health insurance Medika Guard, and others.

In 2013, Astra Insurance recorded a Gross Written Premium (GWP) of Rp 3, 8 trillion or grew by 23.4% compared to the year 2012, with a net profit of Rp873 billion, growing 17.6% from 2012. Performance for Astra Insurance has also been recognized by who has received numerous awards, including: Platinum-Indonesian Best Brand award (2002-2013), Top Brand award (2007-2014), Service Quality award (2007-2014), Indonesia’s Most Admired Company (2007-2014), Diamond-Indonesia’s Customer Satisfaction Award (2001-2013), General Insurance with very good financial performance in the Info Bank Award (2008-2013), General Insurance Best asset category> Rp 3t Investor Award in 2014 and the others.

With the support and workshops branches spread all over Indonesia, the best service and a series of his achievement, certainly not stopped the Astra Insurance innovation through products that awaken the spirit of the new Astra Insurance to always provide comfort and peace to every customer. Because Astra Insurance will invest the time and effort that you are always smiling. “Peace of mind to millions” is the result of that will Astra Insurance provide to every customer.


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