Market Overview

PT. Electronic City Indonesia Tbk ( “The Company ” ) has been operating in Indonesia for more than 12 years since the opening of the first store in Jakarta in 2001 through the GSC. Since the Company’s founding in 2002 until 2008, every store is operated through an affiliated company of the Company, including the GSC, which was merged with the Company in 2008. Company’s headquarters is also the first stand-alone store, located in SCBD, Jakarta. Below is a brief history and important events in the course of business activities of the Company :

  • 2001 : Opens first store , which is the main and stand-alone stores in SCBD , Jakarta .
  • 2004: Expanding beyond Jabodetabek store network by opening its first store in Denpasar and launched the official website of the Company
  • 2007: Opens first store in Sumatra
  • 2012: Opens first EC Outlet
  • 2012: Opens two stand-alone stores in Bintaro
  • 2012: Opens first EC Outlet Company
  • 2012: Launch of e – commerce on the Company’s website

The company currently operates 36 stores across Indonesia, including 21 EC and 15 EC Outlets Stores, which is supported by six distribution warehouses. Company stores are located in Jakarta, Bogor, Depok, Tangerang, Bekasi, Serang, Cilegon, Purwakarta, Cimahi, Jatinangor, Solo, Medan, Denpasar, and Balikpapan.

EC Stores
The Company operates 21 EC Stores under the brand “Electronic City”. The shops are a major target of the EC Stores have a middle to upper class consumers who are believed to prefer access to a wider choice of products and services in the consumer class modern shopping environment. All Stores EC scheme using shades of blue for the display and presentation products. In general, gross sales area Stores EC ranged from 600 to 2,500m2, with the largest EC Stores located in SCBD, Jakarta, and an area of approximately 4,130m2 of gross sales. Currently, the area of gross sales overall EC Stores around 32,570 m2. Along with the brand positioning of the Company, most of the EC Stores located in strategic locations inside the mall, shop or an independent shop ( not incorporated in the mall ) in the main area with a relatively high population density and is easily accessible by consumers. Currently, as many as 17 of the 21 EC Stores inside the mall, two stand-alone stores and two located in the shop. All the stores are owned by the Company, except shop located in Bintaro which opened in October 2012, located at the site lease. Details about the EC Stores listed below :


EC Outlets
The Company operates 15 EC Outlets under the brand “Electronic City Outlet”. EC Outlets stores have the main targets entry-level consumers and the middle class that the Company believes will be interested in a modern shopping experience and range of products that are more affordable. The entire EC Outlets using shades of red color scheme for the presentation and display products. EC Outlets area ranging from 350-700 m2 with EC Outlets largest in Denpasar with gross sales area of approximately 868 m2. Currently, EC Outlets gross sales area as a whole range 7,136 m2. EC Company Outlets positioned in an unbelievable location is an area developed and will evolve rapidly, which includes the mall and shop, especially in residential areas. Currently as many as 11 of the 15 EC Outlets is located inside the mall and 4 of which are located within the shop. Details about EC Company Outlets listed below:

The Company recently commenced sales of products online via the official website of the Company. The main purpose of e-commerce is to strengthen the Company’s online image and to attract consumers who prefer to buy products online. Product choice for online store focused on simple products sold and shipped like mobile phones and cameras. Prices of products online is no different from the price at the store of the Company and the payment can be made using credit and debit cards. The Company also provides value added services to consumers online are the same company with the Company’s consumer stores, such as products for the home delivery service, installation and other value-added services.


Head Office :
PT Electronic City Indonesia Tbk.
Jl. Jend. Sudirman Kav 52-53 Lot 22
Sudirman Central Business District (SCBD)
Jakarta Selatan 12190 - Indonesia


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