Electronic City will release 333 Million Shares

go-publicPT. Electronic City Indonesia Tbk, a company engaged in the retail trade of electronic products, plans to realize the initial public offering ( Initial Public Offering / IPO ) in early July 2013. The plan maximum of 333 333 000 shares, representing as much as 25 % of the total issued and paid up capital after the IPO will be released to the public . The Company will implement the program Employee Stock Allocation ( ESA ) by allocating shares as much as 2% ( two percent ) of the number of shares offered or the issuance of a maximum of 6,666,660 of stock and stock options will be issued for the MSOP as much as $ 1 % ( one percent ) of the total number of shares to be issued and a maximum of 13,333,300 of shares .

The bookbuilding period will be conducted from Wednesday 5 to 14 June 2013. Effective statement from the Financial Services Authority is expected to be obtained on June 21, 2013, so that future public offering will be made on June 25 to 27 , 2013, followed by a listing of shares on the Indonesia Stock Exchange on July 3, 2013 .

Management of PT Electronic City Indonesia Tbk has appointed PT Danareksa Securities as underwriters conduct of emissions, Legal Consultant Hadiputranto , Hadinoto & Partners , Public Accounting Firm Mulyamin Sensi Suryanto & Lianny and PT Ficomindo Buana Registrar as Registrar of Securities . Management has appointed Credit Suisse as Sole Global Coordinator.

PT Electronic City Indonesia Tbk can be an attractive investment option because it is supported by a number of factors that support, such as macroeconomic conditions in Indonesia that is growing , the development of the middle class in Indonesia and purchasing power , as well as the company’s fundamentals are good .

Indonesia is the largest economy in Southeast Asia and is also the country with the densest population of number 4 in the world , with GDP growth estimated at an average of 6 % per year encouraging the growth of the middle class in Indonesia. Euromonitor International notes in the period 2008-2012 with a population of middle class disposable income ( disposable income ) above USD 10,000 to grow by an average of 11.7 % . In line with the growing middle class population, the value of consumer spending (consumer expenditure) also grew by 10.6 % in the same period.

With increasing incomes, consumers began to look for and purchase items that are considered to enhance the quality and comfort of life . One is electronic goods and household appliances. This is evident from the market value of electronic goods and household appliances Indonesia which is worth about $ 20 billion in 2012. The value of this industry is the largest in Southeast Asia and the 14th largest globally. Sales growth in the industry is estimated at 10.7 % per year over the next five years .

Growth in industrial electronics and home appliances retailer network driven modern electronics ( modern retail channels ) that have sales growth of 27.8 % during the period 2010-2012 which is above the industry average is 19.9 % , consumer preference to choose modern retailers compared with traditional retailers is proof that consumers want good customer service, both in the selection of products and after-sales service , two elements are often not obtained by consumers when shopping at traditional retailers .

Since the beginning of the establishment of PT Electronic City Indonesia Tbk focus as a modern retailer of electronic goods and household appliances, Flagship stores Indonesia Tbk PT Electronic City is located in the Sudirman Central Business District is an electronics store first to bring the concept of ” Experiential and exhibition style ” which allows consumers to choose and try out electronic products in a comfortable atmosphere and professional service.

To realize the vision Tbk PT Electronic City as a pioneer and market leader, management implemented a dual – branding strategy through two types of stores that are not owned by competitors, namely Electronic City and Electronic City Outlet with 3 formats as well as the Standalone / stand-alone store, in the mall and commercial. Store Electronic City took the upper middle market segment while Electronic City Outlets more geared to serve the target of a new entry level consumers switch from traditional retailers to modern retailers , Although different segments , PT Electronic City Indonesia Tbk provides products and services are the same for both types of store .

The company’s business strategy has yielded positive results, refer to Euromonitor , PT Electronic City Indonesia Tbk has proved as modern electronics retailer market leader with a market share of 41.5 % . With 36 stores currently (as of May 31, 2013 ) , business strategy which is run by the management of PT Electronic City Indonesia Tbk Rated able to generate productivity , which is much higher at nearly three times larger than its nearest competitor ( Euromonitor International ) .PT Electronic City Indonesia Tbk is a modern first electronic retailer that provides free insurance for a year for fire protection , floods , lightning and storms besides pioneer in services trade ( Trade -in ) for a certain product , and interest-free installments . After sales service is also PT Electronic City Indonesia Tbk also includes the installation, maintenance and repair of electronic products, even for consumers who buy electronic products outside the company’s store network. In addition to an extra fee for credit card users and consumer financing alternatives. The sales network of PT Electronic City Indonesia spread across the city to share in Sumatra, Java , Bali and Kalimantan in more than 10 major cities with a total sales area of 39,706 square meters , and supported by a logistics network that includes 8 warehouses with an area of 10,660 square meters .

Underwriter PT Danareksa Securities declared not to be a party unaffiliated with the Company , either directly or indirectly , as defined in the Capital Market Law . Subsequently a full description of the affiliation can be found in Chapter XIV of the underwriting .


Head Office :
PT Electronic City Indonesia Tbk.
Jl. Jend. Sudirman Kav 52-53 Lot 22
Sudirman Central Business District (SCBD)
Jakarta Selatan 12190 - Indonesia
Website: www.electronic-city.com


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