ELECTRONIC CITY INDONESIA BECOMES A Part OF ‘WOW BRAND 300: BRAND FOR GOOD’ Be A Success Brand with established fan-base

On Thursday, March 3rd 2016, Electronic City attended the 1st WOW Brand Festive Day 2016 in Ciputra World, Jakarta. In this Event, Electronic City was selected as a part of WOW Brand 300, which consists of 300 with the highest value Brand Advocacy Ratio (BAR) in Indonesia. The event was attended by Hermawan Kartajaya as Founder & Chairman of MarkPlus, Inc., Laina Greene as the Founder of Getit, Inc. and representatives of Electronic City management by Richard Santoso as Head Marketing Division and Manael Sudarman as the General Manager of Marketing Communications PT Electronic City Tbk.

The members of WOW Brand 300 automaticaly becomes a part of Brand for Good Club, a platform where brand members can act appropriately according to any fans phenomonm. This platform is created by MarkPlus to push brands in better recognizing their fans needs and why they would recommend our brands.

Electronic City has been selected as one of the brand in WOW Brand 300 due to the success at WOW Brand survey conducted in 18 cities in Indonesia throughout 2015 by MarkPlus, Inc. Based on the survey results, Electronic City successfully achieved Brand Advocacy Ratio (BAR) of 0.92, which is a great achievement amid fragmentation in capital markets and an asset to achieve loyalty. Value BAR (Brand Advocate Ratio) is the ratio the value of advocacy spontaneous and awareness where the most ideal figure is 1, which means the number of people who know the brand equal to the number of people who recommend the brand.

WOW Brand is the latest marketing measurement from MarkPlus, Inc. to response the ever changing customer path in this Connectivity era’s of 5A/WOW Marketing in the New Wave Era or AWARE, APPEAL, ASK, ACT ADVOCAT. In September 2015, for the second time PT Electronic City Indonesia Tbk. (Stock Code: ECII) has been succesfully awarded as the INDONESIA WOW BRAND 2015: Residental Property Developer, Shopping Mall & Retail, Electronic Store Category.

Another exciting accomplishment is the election of Manael Sudarman as the General Manager Marketing Communications PT Electronic City Indonesia Tbk as one of 30 recipients of ‘Indonesia Brand Champions: Best 30 Managers’, which is an award reserved for Brand Manager elected members WOW Brand 300. Criteria for selection is based on the efforts or contributions Brand Manager makes in making their brand as the Brand for Good. The brand that is able to recognize the fans as important elements and to create interesting programs so that the fans are willing to recommend Electronic City to their peers.

“As the one of WOW BRAND 300 Members as well as a member in Brand for Good Club is an acknoledgement to our brand performance during this challenging time. As one of the Brand with highest Brand Advocate Ratio (BAR) Value In Indonesia, we believe that a good brand perseption is an end-to-end process that does not stop after sales conversion has ended. During difficult market conditions, BAR is one benchmark of the success of marketing communications that we’ve done. This is very important because good strategy will bring good recommendation from consumers to our brands. “said Manael Sudarman, General Manager of Marketing Communications PT Electronic City Indonesia Tbk.

“After Reaching 14 years on Modern Electronic Retail Industry in Indonesia, Wow Brand was an achivement and can be our passion for always do a better an improve our service quality, so that can improving fans number and become a Brand was recommended by our fans.” said Manael.


Electronic City
PT Electronic City Indonesia, Tbk. (Stock Code: ECII), Is the pioneer of the modern electronic retails since 2001. Currently ECII already operates more than 60 outlets in 24 cities in 15 provinces around Indonesia. Electronic City offers more than 250 brands leading electronics. Available in four main categories: audio-video, home appliances, mobile devices and gadgets, as well as IT / office equipment.

Electronic City also pioneered to provide value-added services to consumers in the form interest-free installments, 14-day warranty replacement of damaged goods (except the area of Batam), free catastrophic insurance fire, free insurance and lightning storm disaster, flood free insurance, free delivery at a certain radius, free installation, selection of trade-in, guaranteed after-sales service as well as a variety of payment options and consumer financing (terms and conditions apply).

Beside of that, Electronic City also have a Premium Services which is EC EXPRESS which given certainty in terms faster delivery is a maximum of six hours since the payment transaction is finished. EC SERVICE CONTRACT which will guarantee the maintenance of your Air Conditioner regularly with special discounts and EC 24-HOUR REPAIR which provides technician visits within a maximum of six hours, from demand and lending options replacement unit during repair.

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